Thursday, February 12, 2009

You want to play hardball, Al?!


Alright Al,

You want to play hardball? FINE! Let's play hardball. I got the goods, and you know it! You're stupid. You're just an incredibly stupid stupid face. What? I went there. You're just a big pile of stupid.

That's right, Al. I've been training, getting ready for you. If we can't handle this in the courts, and I'm pretty sure we can't, we should take this on in the ring. Here's a little video I made for you, to show how hard I've been training. I'm the good guy in this video, not the pinko commie. Thats you, because you are the one who's a stupid head.

There. You see the point I'm trying to make here? Coleman will defeat you in the end, and even though our trainings mirror each other in a frighteningly similar manner, I will end up ahead, because I'm Norm Coleman. I don't train in pansy gyms... I drag sleds behind me like a BEAR! YOU HEAR ME FRANKEN?! A BEAR!

Oh, and also, I went to court yesterday and legally changed my name to Senator. I am now Senator Coleman. How can I not win?!

-Senator Coleman